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May 2016

Social media effects on mental health

Social media effects on mental health: HEALTH TIPS

Social media has changed the way we think. We can’t live without internet. Social media websites now the part of our life as we use it for business and personal purposes. But it is effecting our mental health. Let’s learn how social media is effecting our life and how we can use it perfectly. If you ask someone today if their constant use of Facebook or other social media platforms is affecting their lives adversely, you will most likely get dissenting [...]

negative effects of Television on Children

Negative effects of Television on Children – Important for parents

Technologies and media tools are very important and great asset of knowledge if used in proper manner and guidelines. These technologies like TV can be dangerous or caused negative effects on the people if wrongly used or over used. We are specially mentioning children’s in this post because children spend most time in front of TV than any teenager or adult. Yes, TV help housewives to busy their kids even I know someone who told me that my kid [...]

How television news can make you stressful

How Television News can make you Stressful

Switch on your television and browse the different news channels on it. You will expect news that is informative, well researched and has some substance in it but you will come across people shouting at each other and talking about useless or polarizing topics. Every news item is grossly sensationalized to grab eyeballs and flood your brain with information that upsets you. It is natural that you will feel stressful after a while of watching this senseless conundrum being [...]

Know the difference between stress and depression

What are the Differences between Stress and Depression

Stress and depression are inextricably related to each and many people often use them in the same breath. But what exactly is depression and how is it different from stress?  More importantly, what are the reasons behind rising instances of stress and depression today? There is a lot of difference between actually being depressed and feeling just a bit down at times. But even the slightest hint of depression must be dealt with in due time to be sure that [...]

importance of healthy living - life is beautiful

Importance of Healthy Living – Life is Beautiful

Who doesn’t want to live a longer life? A life that is free from premature diseases and unnecessary tensions is what everyone wants. But not everyone of us is aware how much our life could change for the better if we realize the importance of healthy living. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle has massive drawbacks and has been much highlighted at present as we see the average life expectancy of an unhealthy person steadily decreasing over the years. Unlike older [...]

The importance of eating healthy food - let's make a healthy nation

The importance of Eating Healthy Food – Health Tips

You must have heard the phrase “You are what you eat”. But what does it really mean? To put it in simpler terms it means that if you eat healthy food you will be healthy and if you eat unhealthy food you will become unhealthy. Seems quite simple doesn’t it? It does, but then why is it that so many people ignore the importance of healthy food and continue to eat unhealthy food that makes them fat and prone [...]

Let's make a healthy nation - importance of balanced diet in pizza lifestyle

Importance of Balanced Diet in Pizaa Life Style

From the time we were kids, the importance of a balanced diet has been emphasized to us countless times. Over time, the daily rigmarole of our hectic lives have pushed this significant part of our health to the sidelines. Now we eat whatever food items seem most enticing or easiest, or ‘fast food’ as we call it. The immense harm this kind of unbalanced, random diet is causing to our health is gradually being understood by health experts, who [...]

Importance of physical fitness

Importance of Physical Fitness – Let’s Make a Healthy Nation

The importance of physical fitness in our life cannot be stressed enough. It is absolutely essential to maintain good physical fitness because it improves your quality of life and reduces your risk of dying prematurely from chronic diseases. The lack of physical activity is the curse of our modern lifestyles and no one can totally escape the gluttony that comes with modern comforts today. We tend to overeat at times giving in to our sensory pleasures and don’t realize [...]