what kind of life style is bad for health

What kind of lifestyle is bad for Health?

Someone has rightly said that “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. If you are a healthy person the chances of your success is high. So one must fit on all the levels i.e. physically, mentally or intellectually. Whereas good lifestyles enhance your personality, a bad lifestyle will surely stop your growth. So, one must choose the lifestyle which really leads to life. Related: Importance of Good Health There are some bad lifestyles which are an obstacle to your perfect [...]

Importance of good health

The importance of Good Health to create Real Wealth

A healthier man is happier than sick man. Good health is important component of wealth. That’s why health is wealth and why it’s so much important. A healthier man follows few habits such as regular physical exercise, balanced diet, healthy food, proper eating time, daily morning walk. Good health is very important for the development of country. Healthy body enables brain to think creatively and creativity leads to knowledge and that knowledge help society and nation to create healthier [...]

lose weight without dieting

Quickest way to lose weight without dieting

Quickest way to lose weight without dieting If you’re not succeed yet to lose weight after trying 100 ways, if you’re not able to lose weight after eating vegetables, drinking plenty of water, keep a food journal but not succeed yet then today you got a big opportunity here on Draj99.com The quickest way to lose weight is to use Smile N Slim – Ayurvedic Weight Lose Powder   Yes, you can lose weight up to 30 KG without doing any Yoga [...]