How television news can make you stressful

How Television News can make you Stressful

Switch on your television and browse the different news channels on it. You will expect news that is informative, well researched and has some substance in it but you will come across people shouting at each other and talking about useless or polarizing topics. Every news item is grossly sensationalized to grab eyeballs and flood your brain with information that upsets you. It is natural that you will feel stressful after a while of watching this senseless conundrum being [...]

What can you do to avoid stress at work ?

What can you do to avoid stress at work ?

There is no job in the world that comes without its share of stressful situations and for many people knowing how to avoid stress at work has become an important question. Surveys conducted recently show that more than 65% of people are suffering from stress at the workplace today. For those who work in high pressure jobs, the words work and stress go hand in hand. So when does stress become a cause of concern? Scientists say that although [...]

reduce blood pressure

How to reduce blood pressure naturally without medication

How often do you check your blood pressure? Did you know that high blood pressure is also known as the “silent killer” because there are no noticeable symptoms to it. It causes hypertension which is the main risk factor for heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. If you are already taking medications or pills to lower your elevated blood pressure, the risk is even higher. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to take action and bring it down in [...]