Draj99.com is the webshop of Smile India Enterprises. We are a Himachal Pradesh based company leading in Ayurvedic health care products since 2003. Initially reaching the masses through offline marketing only, the increasing demand for our products has driven us to go online now for customer convenience and care. We started with small steps in HP and now we have a strong network of product delivery and loyal customer base not only in Himachal but also in many other states of India as well as abroad.

We have more than one lac satisfied customer in India and we feel proud of our efforts and the resultant trust that people have put in us and we are thankful for the association of our customers. Our purpose is not only to sell ayurvedic products, but also  to increase awareness about health and wellness promoting habits everyone can adopt in our daily life. We are committed to provide best quality health products that help to enhance the healthy life style of our customers.

Specially formulated using the choicest herbal ingredients nature has to offer mankind, our wide range of ayurvedic products that cater to your different requirements have gained substantial recognition and appreciation after proving their effectiveness on more than 1 lac satisfied customers all over the world.

Completely natural and safe, our GMP certified products ensure that you have at your disposal a holistic way of maintaining the perfect mind-body equilibrium and staying in the pink of health for years to come.

Since our inception in 2003, we have been fortunate to have won the trust of a lot of happy customers over the years, and this is a testament to the quality of our products as well as our commitment to providing reliable and effective ayurvedic remedies for all kinds of health issues.

By doing this we want to win your trust and a ensure a long term healthier relationship with you. As you know we are living with fast paced technologies and hectic lifestyles which can have an adverse impact on our bodies, our vision is to reintroduce our traditional Indian medical science called Ayurveda to maximum people across India and the world with the help of internet technology’s expansive reach. By doing this we aim to reverse the damage dealt to our bodies and by accepting Ayurveda and applying its principles in our daily life, we strive to provide natural means to lead a healthier lifestyle without any side effects.

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  • pitoho Reply

    Does this weight gainer powder really work plz satisfy me bcoz i hav already use many ayurvedic medicine but all invain …

    February 10, 2018 at 5:20 pm

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