21 Pure Herbs Elements – Sandhi Aaram Massage Oil


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Snadhi Aaram Massage Oil is Hypoallergic, No harmful, An Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula. Help to remove Shoulder Pain, Knee Joint Pain, Spine & Ribs Joint Pain
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Product Description

Sandhi Aaram Massage Oil

Ayurvedic medicines and massage oil are the oldest property of Indian ancient science. It is playing big role in the development of modern civilization. By using the methods of Ayurveda we developed pure oldest health care Ayurvedic medicine Sandhi Aaram. It help and provide you complete ayurvedic solutions from the arthritis, joint pains, and knee pains, shoulder pains, muscular pains, sprains, back pains, neck pains and cramps.

Natural ingredients used in Sandhi Aaram Massage Oil

Sr. No. Ingredients
1 Mahanarain Oil
2 Nilgiri Oil
3 Dalchini Oil
4 Ajwain Oil
5 Pudina Oil
6 Karpur Oil
7 Mahamash Oil
8 Tarpin Oil
9 Mahavishgarbh Oil
10 Gajupat Oil
11 Purified Nux-Vomics
12 Ashwagandha
13 Mulethi
14 Haldi
15 Pippal
16 Nagarmotha
17 Bhringraj
18 Gokhru
19 Palash
20 Long Oil
21 Arachis Oil


How does Sandhi Aaram works?

Smile Sandhi Aaram is made from the best combination of 21 oils having mixture of 21 pure herbs.  It penetrates in the joint & muscle tissue. It helps our joints to generate synovial fluid that provide instant results. All 21 herbs in Smile Sandhi Aaram have pain reliving properties and great anti-arthritic property. That’s why Smile Sandhi Aaram strengthens the bone tissues and muscular skeletal systems.

How to use?

Take normal quantity of Sandhi Aaram oil and gently massage on affected part. By repeating the process for two three days, it will start working and provide you total relief and relaxation within a week.

Few things you need to remember:

Don’t use the oil on broken skin.

Better to keep it from the reach of young children.

If you have a sensitive skin then you should try a patch test first.

Tighten the bottle when not in use.

Keep the bottle in cool and dry places.

Wash your hands after the use of oil.


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