Ayurvedic Medicine for Menstrual Disorders – Medicine for Periods


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Product Description

Ayurveda Herbal Medicine for menstrual disorders 

Smile monthly care powder is best medicine to get amazing results from menstrual pain. It it will help in treatment for irregular periods, find the causes of irregular periods and treat similar diseases effectively and quickly. It is a one the best product used by thousands of people across India. If you have any problem regarding monthly problem, please call us on this number 90179-60081  and we will guide and inform you how smile monthly care powder routine your menstrual.  70% females are suffering from menstrual disorders nowadays.

Ladies are so much disappointed by monthly disease. They are considering this as a painful part of their life. The modern lifestyle is the main reason of this problem. But draj99.com providing the Ayurvedic solution for the menstrual disorders. Smile Monthly Care approved and used by thousands of ladies and the results are more than expected. The power behind the Smile Monthly Care products is the mixtures of pure herbs. By using Smile Monthly Care you will get instant results and enjoy the healthy life.

Ingredients used in Simle Monthly Care powder

No. Ingredients
1 Sobhagya
2 Hira Kasis
3 Dipya
4 Kali Marich
5 Bahugandha
6 Ashwagandha
7 Varahi Kand
8 Parsik Yavandi
9 Lodhra
10 Preservative
11 Sharkara


The results you will get

  • Menstrual period on proper time.
  • Stopped menstrual period and relief on pain.
  • Balanced quantity of blood.
  • Relief from the backache during the days of menstrual period.
  • No pain and without headache.

 How to use smile monthly care?

  • Take one tea spoon (2.5 Gms Approx.) of Smile Monthly Care powder with lukewarm water twice a day. For better results use Smile Monthly Care medicine at least 3 months.


You can enjoy the modern life style and do not need to worry after using smile monthly care. It is complete solution for females. But you should avoid flour products, sugar, and confectionery, tinned or preserved foods and strong tea/coffee etc.


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3 Months Course Duration