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Cure Asthma Naturally – Asthma Ayurvedic Treatment
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Product Description

Natural Treatment for Asthma – Smile Asthmac Poweder Medicine

Smile Asthmac Powder is a combination of natural herbs that are found to be effective in ayurveda for asthma and GMP certified. It will provide amazing instant relief from respiratory disorders. All the remedies in this product are natural and safe without any side effects to cure asthma. This natural treatment for asthma is believed to be useful in increasing the immunity of the body to prevent recurrent attacks of respiratory infection. It is well known best natural remedy for asthma and it increases the strength of the respiratory organs to fight against the recurrent attacks of asthma. People suffering from asthma may start taking this product get permanent cure. It may be taken by individuals of any age who suffering from asthma, chronic coryza, sinusitis, etc. If any doubt please call us: 90179-60081

Top natural ingredients used in Asthmac to cure Asthma Attack:

Sr. No. Ingredients used in Asthmac to cure asthma
1 Glycyrrhiza Glabra
2 Ephedra Geradiane
3 Adhatoda Vasica
4 Inula Racemosa
5 Cordia Dichotoma
6 Abiees Webbiana
7 Sodium Benzoate
8 Sharkara

 Dosages: – Use Smile Asthmac Powder 1 tea spoon (2.5 Gms. Approx.) twice a day with honey or lukewarm water. Use Smile Asthmac for better results at least 4 to 5 months.

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