Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine – 22 Natural Ingredients


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Smile N Slim is the best Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine with 22 ingredients and helps to lose weight quickly without any side effects, no yoga, no dieting.

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Product Description

The Best Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine  – Smile N Slim

Ayurvedic herbs are helping more than modern medicines without side effects. Anti-obesity medication or weight loss drugs are all pharmacological agents that reduce or control weight. The use of Ayurvedic weight loss medicines is the easiest and natural way to reduce weight. To lose weight quickly by the use of pure Ayurvedic herbs you can try our Smile N Slim. Smile N Slim is weight loss medicine made in India and with pure Indian herbal properties. It is 100% safe and gives you amazing results within 30-50 days.

We know that you can also loss weight by doing regular exercises and following proper diet plan. But this depends on our lifestyle. And when people know about what kind of lifestyle is bad for health then they start doing exercise and proper diet plan. But until then they guided wrongly to lose weight. There are thousands similar advertisements you can find on Google that loss weight in 7 days etc. It’s not possible.

In India everyone is selling. But there is less identification of who are selling the right product. But we’re making sure you that by the use of our weight loss medicine is easy to use, natural and GMP certified. If you have any confusion or you want to ask more you can call us right now on this number: 90179-60081. Call us and know about the quantity and ingredients we are providing you in this medicine.

As mentioned in homepage description that our motive is to make people healthy. Only healthier people can make a healthy nation.  We know the importance of Good Health that why we’re suggesting you to buy only Ayurvedic Medicines to lose weight. Almost all the weight loss medicines promise and provide different guidelines to use.  But we have different and very easy plan to you.

22 Natural ingredients used in Smile N Slim Ayurvedic Weight Loss Powder

Sr. No. Ingredients
1 Sonth
2 Chitrak
3 Vidang
4 Guggal
5 Pippal
6 Black Salt
7 Garlic
8 Haritik
9 Bhibhitak
10 Amalki
11 Ajwain
12 Punerva Lal
13 Ami
14 Swarjika Chhar
15 Kala Jira
16 Sat Giloy
17 Sanai
18 Mustak
19 Bael
20 Sudh Naushadhar
21 Lauh Bhasam
22 Sankh Bhasam


  • Take one tea spoon (2.5 GRM approx.) twice a day with lukewarm water.

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