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Best treatment to do at home for piles.

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Product Description

Pilonex is pure ayurvedic piles medicine used for treatment of piles at home.

Get quick relief from piles, rectal problems in few days by using Smile India Ayurvedic Piles Medicine.

Pilonex powder is created by the use of pure quality 12 herbal ingredients.

Benefits of using best quality piles medicine – Pilonex

  1.  Pilonex provides relief from rectal problems.
  2. It helps to prevent severe bleeding.
  3. It is pure quality anti-bacterial medicine and prevent re-occurrence of haemorrhoids.
  4. It helps and provide complete relief from dry and bleeding piles.
  5. It is anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy metabolism.
  6. Pilonex decrease the size of pile mass and to stop bleeding.
  7. It is also used as a natural treatment of indigestion, loss of appetite for food and improve digestion power in the body.

12 pure quality ayurvedic ingredients used in pilonex to treat piles problems. 

Sr. No. Ayurvedic Ingredients
1 Sunthi
2 Hritiki
3 Amalki
4 Mustak
5 Vaividang
6 Chitrak
7 Daruharidra
8 Arishtak
9 Swampattri
10 Mahanimb
11 Sodium Benzoate
12 Sharkara

Commonly Known symptoms of pile is bleeding after going to the toilet to pass stools. Piles are the results of enlarged vein in the anal regions. The reasons of piles are like constipation, sitting constantly for a long time on hard surface, lack of exercise and harmful food habits.

Dosages- Use Smile Pilonex 1 tea spoon (2.5 Gms approx.) twice a day with lukewarm water. For better results use Smile Pilonex at least 3 to 4 months.


  • During taking Pilonex medicine you have to avoid any of fast food and spicy items.
  • Take foods which are rich in fiber like Barely, wheat, old rice, goat’s milk etc. are recommended.
  • Drink warm water in the morning.

If you want the relief from piles and want to use pure quality ayurvedic product then call to our expert to know more about this medicine on this number: 90179-60081 and book your order today. 


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