Importance of good health

The importance of Good Health to create Real Wealth

A healthier man is happier than sick man. Good health is important component of wealth. That’s why health is wealth and why it’s so much important. A healthier man follows few habits such as regular physical exercise, balanced diet, healthy food, proper eating time, daily morning walk. Good health is very important for the development of country. Healthy body enables brain to think creatively and creativity leads to knowledge and that knowledge help society and nation to create healthier environment in the city. A healthier citizen influence younger generation to live and stay healthy.

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Good health is very important in our lives. Mentally and physically capable people solve their life problems very easily.  You know that in the past 100 years ago, people lived longer. Approx. average age people used to live 90-100 years 7 out of 10. In ancient times people were more developed mind. Their physical abilities were amazing. Their life was full of happiness.  They went after living the life no matter it was challenging or easy. There are still many people of that time today living with us. The age is more than 80 and 90+ but they still doing hard work and physical work. They are mentally and physically fit. And they are competitive to our younger generation specially Indians.

People said long life is god’s wish. Might be. But the Karma they did in their life will be strong proof of their long life.

In their life karma included few things

  • They eaten pure quality foods and products.
  • They did the hard work and worked in the fields.
  • They wore themselves vegetables and fruits.
  • Less corruption and less greediness.
  • Less population and more resources.
  • The do regular exercise and used to desi ghee and milk.

That’s why the people in old times were healthier than current time.  That’s why and I hope it’s really important that we all Indian or every nation will understand soon the importance of healthy people.

Now a days people looks high qualified with high level degrees but still there are lack of common sense in current educated people. Today people have physical comfort and social status. They can do actions that have many pleasures. But even then, there is no physical and mental pleasure. They are engaged all the time to make money.  But not a single step to improve the body and mind.

People have money, knowledge, resources, 1000 hospitals in in a single state, 1000 of doctors, five star facilities, but still the diseases are increasing. Why? I think you know the answer.

Reduced physical activities, not appropriate diets and counterfeit goods are more prevalent. The common sense is Quality can be the main focus when buy any product, food, medicines etc. but people and our educated people buy products after seeing the  promotional ads (such stars and cricketers) without researching the seen behind the product. I think you know the danger behind the seen. And if this situation continues, you can guess the average age of human being on this planet after 50-60 years.

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Natural resources are decreasing and artificial things are coming. It is horrible and my mind is saying that one day people can live without blood. Today, we are making robotic human and robotic resources for all the things. There is no work soon left for human being on the planet. But we are consuming the innovation wrongly. That’s great if today we have resources that unimaginable few years back. But our natural resources such as plants, water, land, etc. are affected. People become lazier day by day. It’s serious.

The importance of good health is not only for the fact that how longer we are going to live.

 It does not matter how much life we live. Were matter how happier and healthier we live. – Vijay Sharma

Following are the Aspects of good health

  • Mentally and physically healthy people can build a healthy society.
  • Mentally and physically healthy employees are more productive and creative in their work.
  • Healthy body stays active in heat, winter and all seasons.
  • A healthy learner than other children is eager to learn more.
  • A healthier and physically fit student is more eager to learn than below average healthier students.
  • Good ideas are born in healthy body.
  • Physical healthy people are more likely to live a longer life.
  • When the mind and body feel happy around the person everything looks good and best.
  • Eating habits and daily routine will plays big role in successful life.
  • Healthy, physically activities (Agricultural work) and happy individuals get good sleep. They do not need to eat sleeping pills.
  • For good health people do regularly yoga and exercise and their weight remain control and they do not need to take weight loss medicines.
  • A healthy individual or leader can guide and inspire other people to be healthy be cool.
  • A healthy body is precious gem.
  • The real money and wealth is good health.
  • Who are ill mentally and physically are the poorest on the earth not matter how much money they have.
  • In which country their ministers are overweight then in this condition you can’t hope a healthy nation from such politicians.
  • In which country you found more hospitals it means there are bad conditions of people health.
  • People who get up early in the morning are happier, healthy, and positive and the early rising schedule is biggest quality or identification of developed people.

So friends, I hope you understand the importance of good health in your life and for family. You can analyze it by yourself what are the impact of your health and bad habits on your body and on family. Your bad habits and other things also affect the people around you and I know you never want to affect other people body and mind. So, start getting up early in the morning. Try eating pure quality foods and buying products after seeing GMP or other certified marks, date of manufactures, expiration dates, and use & buy fresh vegetables, do yoga and medicines, walk in forest and try walking daily for 30 minutes. By following good healthy habits, our India one day definitely will become a healthier nation in the world.

Let’s make a healthy nation.


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