what kind of life style is bad for health

What kind of lifestyle is bad for Health?

Someone has rightly said that “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. If you are a healthy person the chances of your success is high. So one must fit on all the levels i.e. physically, mentally or intellectually. Whereas good lifestyles enhance your personality, a bad lifestyle will surely stop your growth. So, one must choose the lifestyle which really leads to life.

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There are some bad lifestyles which are an obstacle to your perfect health:

  1. Lack of Physical Activities: It is essential to everyone to stay physically fit. A healthy body leads to a healthy brain. If you are physically inactive many diseases like fatness, breathing problem, joint problems etc. can grasp you easily. So practice exercise daily.
  2. Lack of Proper Diet: Proper diets like fruits, fresh juice, grains, milk etc. If you are skipping your breakfast, avoiding your lunch, or eating excess at night then you are on the wrong track of life. The habit of improper diet is a threat to your precious health. So, always have meals in time with proper diet including fruits, fresh juice, grains etc.
  3. Excess Use of Gazettes: Excess uses of gazettes also your health. The radiations coming from mobiles etc. are very harmful to our health. So avoid excess use of them. Use your gazettes only when you really need them otherwise put them away from you.
  4. To Postpone Work: To put off your work for upcoming days is a very habit. Finally, the over workload can lead you to depression. That’s why everyone should complete his work timely.
  5. Ignoring hygiene factors:  If you are not concerned about the place you living at, the things you are using whether they are clean or not, you may invite illness. Good hygiene habits help you to maintain good health & prevent the spread of diseases.
  6. Improper Scheduling: An unplanned day is never beneficial. If you do not schedule your day, you will go through unnecessary things e.g. late night work, skipping food, unnecessary shopping etc. This may be a great cause to depression to depression & stress later.
  7. Laziness: A small word having a wide effect on your life is ‘Laziness’.  Laziness take you towards careless and marks stigma on your happiness. When you become a work shirker it pulls you back than the rest of the world. So never delay in anything and leave laziness, you will surely enjoy your healthy life then.
  8. Improper Water Intake: Everyone knows that water is the base of life. As same it plays an important role in maintaining health. Many of the people suffer from illness only because of improper water intake. Some are addicted to excess drinking and some do have very small quantity of water. Both of these are not suitable for your health. You must drink a balanced quantity of water. Almost 60% of our body is made from water. So make it a habit to drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. It will not only enhance your health but also remove toxins from body.
  9. Missing Regular Health Check-up: Most of the people avoid routinely health check-up. This is not an appreciable thing.  Our physique need a health check-up on regular basis otherwise we would not be able to detect any kind of disease on time. So visit your doctor regularly to stay healthy. Even our cars need a routinely servicing then we could understand the value of check-up of our valuable health.
  10. Alcohol Addiction: “Smoking, Alcohol, Over Drugs Dose etc. are injurious to health”-everyone knows it. But who cares? These things suck your health. You must know that a single cigarette decrease your life by 5 minutes. Then you may assume how short your life is becoming day by day! So never indulge in such activities which are a real poison to your health. Also try to tell other people who are addicted to these poisons about the drawbacks. For a healthy lifestyle avoid such wide range of ‘toxin’ as much as you can.
  11. Ignoring Meditation:  Today the lifestyle of human being has become very hectic. Life is moving too fast, sometimes beyond our imagination. So depression has become a common disease. Meditation is a real remedy to this disease. It will also increase your patience level & mental health. So mediate daily.
  12. Ignoring the Need of Rest: In the present era everyone wants to reach at the top. So people are working day & night ignoring their health. As a result, several kinds of diseases are capturing them. Yes, we must chase our destiny but not at the cost of our health. So, always try to take a pause from your rapid life. Relax for some moments even during your work. You can also go for a trip or picnic with your nearer & dearer ones. Feel the nature also; it will always improve your health.

Hence, from the above discussion you must have understood that how a bad lifestyle is harmful for your health. In short, keep in mind the following lines:

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

You could be the King of Wealth

If You Take Proper Care of Your Health.

The Major of Cause of Being Sad

When Your Lifestyle is Really Bad.


Proper Exercise, Diet & Meditation

Roots of Health Creation.


Spread the Healthy Love
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